Event Coordinator Ideas For Employee Appreciation Days.

Minimizing employee turnover is a major goal for many businesses. Employers often go beyond expectations to ensure that their employees are satisfied with the various acts of kindness and consideration extended to them. Employee Appreciation Days is a time that many employees look forward to, and many employers are creatively planning activities and events to show that they truly appreciation the efforts of their employees. This special time can be celebrated in one day, or by scheduling something every day for the entire week.

Event Coordinators brainstorm for activities that the employees may enjoy. They are taking advantage of strategies that would increase and improve production as well as motivate their workforce. Showing appreciation during Employee Appreciation Days is very essential to the positive relationships that employers strive to build through recognition and appreciation. Although very beneficial, these efforts should not focus on financial rewards only.

  • Planning for a successful appreciation day or week for employees should include versatility. Doing interesting activities that require employee participation like interactive inflatables or games, will be a welcome break from the everyday focus of work as usual. There are a myriad of suggestions that can be adhered to that would make this time in the workplace exciting and valuable to all involved. The following recommendations are suitable for any business that has five to ten employees or hundreds.
  • Plan to have a masseuse come to the work site, and have employees schedule a time for their full body massage. This activity can help relieve any stress, and rejuvenate the body. This would be an unforgettable experience that would show employees that management is concerned about their well being.
  • Employees who do great jobs deserve a day where they can take a longer than usual lunch break. Allow them to extend their lunch for a day. Instead of gulping their food in fifteen to twenty minutes, give them the whole hour as a way of showing appreciation. Better yet, invite them to have lunch with management.
  • Stock up the break room with free snacks for a day or week. Let the employees save their change from using the vending machines. Be sure to include healthy choices to comply with the needs of every employee. This will also include sweet treats.
  • Customize your appreciation rewards by finding out what the employees interests are and providing them with some tickets, or access to their favorite sports or other activities. This could be to the theater, games, fitness, or anything that may require a ticket or fee to do. Make their day a personal one with customization.
  • With the latest trend being toward physical fitness, give employees a discount on gym or fitness memberships. This will be an appreciated gift that will last for months, and it will also increase productivity in the workplace with everyone being more energized.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to lie in and sleep late. Give them a pass to come in late on their chosen day. Decide if they can come in one to two hours late, or have the entire morning to themselves. This will allow the employee time to take care of something that they would normally put off til a more convenient time.

There are many events and activities that coordinators can choose to do to show their appreciation for their employees. What may seem small and insignificant could mean a lot to the people in the workplace. An act of kindness and appreciation does not always have to be elaborate. Tokens and rewards give out of sincerity could bear a strong measure of loyalty.

Employee Appreciation Days are important to the people in the workforce. It lets them know that their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Giving gift cards to all employees is another method of rewarding them that could be very meaningful. They can use them at their own discretion for whatever they need. The important thing for employers to remember is to not let this specified time go by without any acknowledgement at all to employees. Even in the busiest and most prosperous business there is time to show appreciation for those who are loyal, dedicated, and hard working employees no matter how big or small the act.