Tips for Company Picnic Planning

Summer is probably that time when most companies plan for employee picnics. It is a great way of appreciating employees as well as breaking away from the office environment. However, the success of a picnic often depends proper planning. It is good to plan a picnic that will be memorable to your employees.

Below are tips that can help in planning a good company picnic:

1. Decide who will attend the picnic

Most companies usually organize picnics for different departments – especially when the company has many employees. The first step, therefore, is to decide who will be invited for the picnic. This is important because it will help a lot in the whole planning process. For instance, decide if employees will be allowed to come with their respective family members or if it will be a pure company employee’s affair.

2. Set a date

Organizing a successful picnic requires early and proper planning. There are several things that you will need to consider when choosing the picnic date. One of them is the company’s schedule. You don’t want to assign a picnic date at a time when the company activities are at a peak. Besides that, ensure that you consult with most picnic attendees on the best date for each one of them.

3. Venue/Tent/Chairs

After setting a date, the next obvious thing will be the venue for the picnic. The best way of choosing a good venue is to conduct small research as well as ask for opinions from other employees. This might prove to be challenging because some employees might prefer other venues while others will insist on different ones. If that is the case, you can take a vote and go by the majority.

Also find out if you will need tents and chairs or if they will be provided at the picnic venue. If not, then arrange how they will get to the venue before that material day.

4. Concessions/Food: Cotton Candy, Popcorn

The next item after securing the venue is how every member and their family will eat and be accommodated. Some companies often give every employee some allowance to cater for food and accommodation. Others do budgetary allocations per department.

If for example, you are organizing a picnic for the whole department, it is important to talk to all attendees and find out what type of food they prefer. Besides that, arrange for general snacks, sweets and cotton candies of various flavors.

5. Entertainment consideration and beverages

This is one of the items you shouldn’t leave out in your plans. Remember entertainment is in the core of the picnic. That means you should arrange for different forms of entertainment both for children and adults. For instance, ensure that you have procured inflatables for children and adults in advance.

The good thing is that there are several companies that offer such services at reasonable prices. Besides, ensure that you arrange for beverages for your team. However, you have to be careful if you decide to provide alcohol during the picnic.

6. Activities

This is one of the last parts of your planning. You should be able to plan all activities to be carried out in the picnic as early as possible. Activities should be aimed at creating fun at the event.

Arrange for different types of exciting activities such as games where those attending will be able to compete against each other. There are different types of entertaining games you can list for different age groups. Consider inflatable bounce house rental from a licensed, insured company.

In general, most companies arrange picnics for their employees mainly for the purposes of team building. However, if you want to get the best out of a company picnic, then pay close attention to early planning and consultation.




Taurine is amino sulfonic acid, a building block for protein. It is conditional in nature, meaning this amino acid is formed in the body, unlike essential amino acids that have to be supplemented through a diet. The highest concentration of taurine in the body is found in the retina of the eye, brain and heart. If for any reason, any individual cannot produce taurine, it is important to take supplements or feed on diets rich in taurine.
Taurine Supplements
However, the amount of taurine in vegetarian meal plans is not substantial, and it is crucial for vegans to take taurine supplements. Enough supplements of taurine promote longevity. The kidneys get rid of excess taurine in the body.
Most people know this compound from their favorite energy drink. These drinks contain stimulants that improve physical performance and increase mental alertness. Taurine has the same effect as the caffeine and sugar ingredients in energy drinks. As a naturally occurring compound in the body, it is essential for several processes such as;
The production of bile salts
Regulates body cells volume
Stabilization of cell membranes
It is responsible for adjusting calcium amounts in the cells.
It is an anti-inflammatory agent.
Regulates the health of the immune system
Create and maintain the electrolyte balance
Taurine has a lot of mental and physical benefits.
It is an antioxidant; it prevents cellular damage. As a result, chemical reactions in the body that involve oxygen. Cell degeneration occurs in an area where taurine has lost its effect. This will result in defects in the development of heart and muscle development.
Medically, taurine has proven significant in the treatment and management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. According to various scientific studies, taurine plays a part in increasing the sensitivity of the body towards insulin. Through several demonstrations, research highlights the role of taurine on incapacitating the risk factors for both diabetes types. Even though it has not been scientifically confirmed, taurine may be beneficial in diabetic nephropathy, a kidney disease associated with diabetes.
It has been observed that taurine is effective in treating epilepsy in dogs, cats, and rats- where the episodes occur either naturally or are medically induced. However, the antiepileptic activity of taurine in humans isn’t consistent. This means that it’s not strong enough for medical professionals to recommend it as a treatment option.
Taurine has proved beneficial in the treatment of congestive heart failure, through blood pressure regulation and its anti-inflammatory properties. Taurine combines bile acids with cholesterol to rid it from the body. This is vital in the prevention of coronary heart diseases. According to research people who consume diets rich in cholesterol had significantly fewer cholesterol levels than people who did not take taurine supplements within a study period of three weeks.
Angiotensin II in the kidney results in the increase of blood pressure. By blocking its signalling effect, taurine aids in blood pressure regulation.
Taurine is a better treatment for iron deficiency anaemia. Taking both iron and taurine supplements has better results in restoring the mark of iron sufficiency when compared to taking iron supplements.
For people suffering from cirrhosis, taurine has proved essential in reducing the pressure in the main blood vessel that leads to the liver- the portal vein. When patients with chronic hepatitis took dietary supplements of taurine daily for three months, and the dosage was higher than 500mg, there was a significant reduction in liver injury.
An individual with liver cirrhosis will have significantly low levels of taurine in the body. Daily supplementation increases the levels and also helps in the reduction of severe muscle cramps associated with this condition. In the long term, taurine prevents damage to the liver.
Dietary taurine also protects the liver from damages related to oxidized fats and heavy metal. In animals; taurine has demonstrated effectiveness in the prevention of fatty liver disease, especially the nonalcoholic type. It increases the production of the proteins involved in the breakdown of fats in the liver.
By decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation induced by alcohol, taurine is effective in the prevention of alcoholic fatty liver disease. Moreover, it aids liver cells in quicker recovery from alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Taurine is vital for the regular functioning of body muscles. For the senior citizens with heart failure conditions, 500mg of taurine supplements thrice a week improved performance in exercise. In a study involving mice, muscle utility is severely impaired if the mouse lacks taurine transporter. When supplemented with taurine, physical endurance improved significantly.
The retina is prone to damage from bright light and oxidants. A treatment combination of diltiazem, vitamin E, and taurine helped in preventing vision loss to these causes. Cataract formation is common in individuals who have low levels of taurine in the body. Taurine is necessary for the eye to function properly. Total depletion of taurine from the retina can cause irreversible vision loss.

The Benefits of Gynostemma

The Benefits of Gynostemma

What is Gynostemma?
Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Southern Ginseng), or gynostemma, is a plant that originated from China. It contains properties similar to steroids. The only difference between the two are that this a less concentrated version of a steroid. This plant has a longstanding history in pharmaceutical circles. What’s more is the plant has medicinal properties.Its original name was “jiaogulan“. It’s refereed to as the Southern Ginseng. It grows in the southern part of Mainland China.

How does Gynostemma Appear?
This plant usually appears in the wild. Most pharmacies offer products contained in pill form. Gynostemma is offered as an extension of pain relief or relaxers in liquid form as well. Benefits for this plant will be listed later.

The Benefits of Gynostemma
Gynostemma has a list of benefits. One of the most important features of using this substance is increasing ATP. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the energy transfer pathway. When we eat, we use this to convert our food into energy. Gynostemma stimulates tis mitochondrial energy. Please visit this link for more information:

Here are some positive adjustments that come from using this:

– cholesterol reductions
– pain reduction
– increase IQ levels
– calming or numbing effects
– mediate serotonin levels
– promote antioxidant defenses

Side Effects and Concerns
The prior section explored some benefits of using gynostemma. What about the dangers or safety concerns of this product? Not enough sufficient evidence supports claims of other benefits. Some of these claim suggested gynostemma could improve memory, decrease heart irregularities, mediate cancer, regulate blood pressure, and lessen ulcer damage. Please see this website for more information:

this product is safe only if taken by mouth for a short term. Consider using this every four or five months to allow it be digested. Some reports showed that it can cause nauseating effects and incur diarrhea. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and women should avoid using jiaogulan. Not enough research has been conducted to understand its impact on women.

Dangers of Gynostemma
Some cases of bleeding may have been discovered as of 2019.It may slow blood clotting which could progress negatively. This halt on blood could cause more internal bleeding.

The Southern Gingseng plant has a plethora of upsides and concerns to look out for. Please use this with caution and inform yourselves. click the links to discover more about this plant. Inform family, friends, and pregnant women.

What is the difference between Adrafinil and Modafinil?

If you’ve been around the world of nootropics, then the names of two popular nootropics have probably entered your world:  Modafinil and Adrafinil.  Despite sounding the same, are these two compounds related?  The answer is yes, but in a way you might not be aware of.

Both Modafinil and Adrafinil are used to increase energy, keep you awake and focused, improve memory, and act as cognitive enhancers.  Though they can’t be typically  classified like the racetam class, these two compounds are definitely considered “smart” nootropics.  So if the difference between them isn’t due to being in the same class, which is typically what chemicals that sound the same and have the same suffix means, how are they related?

The similarities between Adrafinil and Modafinil are in how your body processes them.  When you take Adrafinil, your body converts the Adrafinil into Modafinil.  Therefore, when you take Modafinil, you are just bypassing this step.  After your body converts the Adrafinil into Modafinil, the Modafinil goes on to be converted in modafinilic acid.

You might be wondering why people are taking Adrafinil instead of going straight to Modafinil, when they could just bypass the conversion step altogether.  Modafinil is much harder to obtain, but Adrafinil is available as a dietary supplement.  It is much easier to find Adrafinil, and you can find Adrafinil on the internet.  You can buy Adrafinil from online supplement vendors easily.

Choosing one or the other does not mean the benefits will change.  If you recall, the Adrafinil will be converted into Modafinil anyway, so one does not have any clear advantages over the other.  The main advantage to taking Adrafinil is that it is easier to buy online.

This is a little-known fact that people starting out in the world of nootropics may not know.  Once you know the science behind it, it’s clear why people are getting the same effects from Adrafinil, though many of them don’t understand exactly what is causing the same effects.  Taking Adrafinil can boost your energy and give you the energy boost that you would typically associate with amphetamines, but Adrafinil doesn’t work like an amphetamine.

Adrafinil belongs to a class of compounds which are called eugregoric agents.  These agents provide energy without the normal stimulatory side effects that you would see in amphetamines.  Adrafinil is not completely understood yet, so scientists are still trying to figure out how it works.  In the meantime, adding Adrafinil is a good way to get Modafinil without even trying.

New Study helps provide supplements for autistic children

Autism is a very tough disorder for anyone to have, and it is even harder when it concerns children.  New research has come out which finds that a combination of two ordinary over the counter supplements may be able to provide some relief for irritability and hyperactivity.

It can be very hard for children to manage all the emotional and physical sensations that autism brings.  Some of these manifest as hyperactivity and being very  quick to anger, or having lots of irritation.

The supplements which have shown a lot of promise in helping children overcome their agitation and hyperactivity is Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids.

On their own, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids have been top of the supplement list for anyone, any age, who wants to improve or maintain good health.  Vitamin D is especially important because we are generally spending a lot less time outside, and with the necessity of wearing sunscreen, it is actually a vitamin that much of the world’s population is deficient.  Did you know that it doesn’t even matter how much time you spend outside if you have certain types of skin?  Even darker skin which you would think means they are getting enough Vitamin D has been found to actually reduce the amount of Vitamin D that people can absorb from the sunlight.

Omega 3 is another important supplement for brain health because not many of us are eating enough fish.

Omega 3 is very important for both brain and heart health and has been shown to improve mood and help you feel your best as you age.

The combination of Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids was studied in children with either autism or on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  They followed children who were given the combination of supplements for 12 months.  The children were about 2.5 years old to 8 years old.  By the end of the 12 months, the children experienced less irritability and less hyperactivity.

It is an easy way to help autistic or ASD children feel better.  Lots of multi-vitamins have this combination, especially the supplements aimed at children.  It can be difficult to get children to eat enough Omega 3 fatty acids, in general, because not many children have developed a taste for fish.  Giving them a supplement can ensure that they are given everything their developing brains need in order to flourish.  There are many different formulations and variations of fish oil that have been designed to try to make it easier for parents to administer Omega 3 fatty acids to children.

Vitamin D is something that you would expect children to have enough of because of their higher amounts of time spent outside, but unfortunately, activity has been declining among children for many years.  And depending on where you live geographically, sometimes the sun won’t actually produce enough UV rays that will give you the amount of time in the sunlight for your skin to stimulate absorption of Vitamin D.

Among other ways to make a difference in the lives of children who has autism or ASD, it seems like a very easy and feasible solution to give them a combination of supplements.  Supplements don’t carry as much of the side effects as other popular pharmaceutical medications, but they are often dismissed for lack of solid, concrete evidence.  Some people believe supplements only contribute to a placebo effect, and unfortunately, a lot of good supplements which can make a large difference to children (and people in general) are overlooked.

Today we have the research which says otherwise and gives us a place to start and develop more  supplemental therapies which can make a big difference.  Please always consult your doctor before beginning supplements and realize that supplements do not replace treatment plans.  They are meant to supplement what you’re already doing and practicing for a little extra help.

And it’s important to remember that even if you take a vitamin D supplement or Omega 3 supplement, you should still spend time outside and eat fish because it’s good for you.

Take good care of your Employees

Event Coordinator Ideas For Employee Appreciation Days.

Minimizing employee turnover is a major goal for many businesses. Employers often go beyond expectations to ensure that their employees are satisfied with the various acts of kindness and consideration extended to them. Employee Appreciation Days is a time that many employees look forward to, and many employers are creatively planning activities and events to show that they truly appreciation the efforts of their employees. This special time can be celebrated in one day, or by scheduling something every day for the entire week.

Event Coordinators brainstorm for activities that the employees may enjoy. They are taking advantage of strategies that would increase and improve production as well as motivate their workforce. Showing appreciation during Employee Appreciation Days is very essential to the positive relationships that employers strive to build through recognition and appreciation. Although very beneficial, these efforts should not focus on financial rewards only.

  • Planning for a successful appreciation day or week for employees should include versatility. Doing interesting activities that require employee participation like interactive inflatables or games, will be a welcome break from the everyday focus of work as usual. There are a myriad of suggestions that can be adhered to that would make this time in the workplace exciting and valuable to all involved. The following recommendations are suitable for any business that has five to ten employees or hundreds.
  • Plan to have a masseuse come to the work site, and have employees schedule a time for their full body massage. This activity can help relieve any stress, and rejuvenate the body. This would be an unforgettable experience that would show employees that management is concerned about their well being.
  • Employees who do great jobs deserve a day where they can take a longer than usual lunch break. Allow them to extend their lunch for a day. Instead of gulping their food in fifteen to twenty minutes, give them the whole hour as a way of showing appreciation. Better yet, invite them to have lunch with management.
  • Stock up the break room with free snacks for a day or week. Let the employees save their change from using the vending machines. Be sure to include healthy choices to comply with the needs of every employee. This will also include sweet treats.
  • Customize your appreciation rewards by finding out what the employees interests are and providing them with some tickets, or access to their favorite sports or other activities. This could be to the theater, games, fitness, or anything that may require a ticket or fee to do. Make their day a personal one with customization.
  • With the latest trend being toward physical fitness, give employees a discount on gym or fitness memberships. This will be an appreciated gift that will last for months, and it will also increase productivity in the workplace with everyone being more energized.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to lie in and sleep late. Give them a pass to come in late on their chosen day. Decide if they can come in one to two hours late, or have the entire morning to themselves. This will allow the employee time to take care of something that they would normally put off til a more convenient time.

There are many events and activities that coordinators can choose to do to show their appreciation for their employees. What may seem small and insignificant could mean a lot to the people in the workplace. An act of kindness and appreciation does not always have to be elaborate. Tokens and rewards give out of sincerity could bear a strong measure of loyalty.

Employee Appreciation Days are important to the people in the workforce. It lets them know that their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Giving gift cards to all employees is another method of rewarding them that could be very meaningful. They can use them at their own discretion for whatever they need. The important thing for employers to remember is to not let this specified time go by without any acknowledgement at all to employees. Even in the busiest and most prosperous business there is time to show appreciation for those who are loyal, dedicated, and hard working employees no matter how big or small the act.

Racetam Comparison


Racetams are perhaps among the most well-known nootropics around. Using it is pretty straightforward and the results pretty much speaks for itself. Moreover, it offers users an avenue to get familiar with the entire system of supplementation.

Generally speaking, Racetams come quite in handy when it comes to strengthening the person’s cognitive skills. It basically increases one’s memory capacity and elasticity, making it easier to absorb and recall information.

As most people probably know, racetams pertain to a single type of nootropic. This means that there are dozens of variants available on the market today. This article seeks to provide readers with a stepping stone into a better understanding of how these supplements differ from each other, albeit in subtle ways.  This is vital, as even the most advanced nootropic users have found themselves dumbfounded by this very question.

Image result for racetams


Piracetam is the most well-known type of racetam on the market today. For most beginners, it serves as the primary supplement in their nootropic stack. This is mainly due to the fact that it is easily accessible, and that the effects themselves can be felt within a few weeks of use.

Just keep in mind that there is a strict dosage scheme for Piracetam that must be followed if one wishes to avoid any untoward side effects. For instance, the daily dosage must be somewhere in between 2.4 – 4.8 grams, However, you cannot take it all at once. Instead, it must be subdivided into three doses at intervals of 2 to 3 hours. Each dosage must contain 0.8g – 1.6g of Piracetam if one wishes to maximize the boost that the nootropic gives throughout the day.

The effects of Piracetam are well-documented. Here are a couple of examples of what one can expect from sustained Piracetam use.

  • Better Memory Retention – As we get older, our memory inevitably suffers. This is true both for our ability to remember new information and our ability to recall information when we need it. This is because the parts of our brain in charge of these functions deteriorate as we age. Piracetam is designed to alleviate these symptoms thus enhancing our ability to effectively process new memories and remember old ones.
  • Enhanced Articulation Skills – Most of us have difficulty explaining our own ideas. Oftentimes, we feel that the concept itself has been fully fleshed out in our own minds yet finding the right words to help other people understand remains challenging nonetheless. Needless to say, this can be quite frustrating. Luckily, the use of Piracetam can help prevent such instances from occurring


Aniracetam is another popular variant of the racetam nootropic. Like its other variants, Aniracetam has been shown to effectively increase one’s cognition skills as well as one’s memory. In particular, it has been known to provide an additional level of focus and mental clarity. This does wonders in terms of the user’s productivity and focus because they are in a heightened state of alertness.

On the other hand, there is a down side to Aniracetam. One of the major issues users have is that the effects of Aniracetams tend to pass more quickly compared to other racetams in the market. Within a few hours, the person’s cognitive abilities and mental focus starts to normalize. This essentially forces the user to take more doses throughout the day than usual.


Finally, there is Phenylpiracetam, another Racetam variant that is getting a lot of attention within the nootropic community. Like all its ilk, Phenylpiracetam has repeatedly shown its ability to effectively boost the user’s cognitive abilities. However, perhaps what sets it apart from the rest is its extraordinary effectiveness is also worth noting that Aniracetam exhibits mood boosting properties.

This certainly comes in handy for people suffering from social anxiety. We must understand that this is a real problem that a lot of people face on a daily basis. People suffering from this condition tend to withdraw from society in an unhealthy way, thereby isolating themselves from their own loved ones.

Phenylpiracetam deals with this problem in a very specific way as it has been shown to help improve the user’s mood. In particular, it helps them overcome their fears and reservations so that they can more effectively engage with other people.


This article presents readers with a comparison of the different racetams available on the market today. Make sure to keep these things in mind so that you can make an informed choice when looking for racetam supplement that best fits your stack.

Sometimes It’s Worthwhile to Seek A Better Version of Yourself

In the world of self-improvement, things can get dicey. When we assume that something is constantly wrong with us and we are in search of something greater and better, it is easy to not see the downside that has on our psychology. Imagine going through life focused on the fact that there is always something wrong with you in need of fixing. That is no way to live.

At times it is nice to have specific goals that you’d like to achieve and get better in. For some people, improving oneself is a simple process and one that requires less energy than one would expect. Nootropics are a great tool that allow us to not only improve ourselves in a quantifiable way, but also allow us the improve our ability to do things effectively.

Nootropics and Advanced Success

When it comes to being successful and getting things done, be careful not to overwork yourself in an effort to simply “be better”. Just because you spend 40 – 60 hours per week taking nootropics like this one does not mean that you want to be doing this for the rest of your life. You may even want to get out of the city and do something outside (like hunting) so that you can get your mind off the grind.

The truth is, if we are spending all our time on what we are doing wrong and how we need to fix ourselves, we end up feeling a lot more depressed than otherwise. It is a form of advancing our success based on the versions of success that other people have created for us rather than what we have made for ourselves.

Nootropics are a great way to improve memory, learning, and our general cognition, but it should not become a tyrant like so many people often experience. When we are constantly telling ourselves that focus and concentration and “doing more work” is better, we are really saying that we need to push ourselves beyond the limits in order to be worthwhile.

Psychology and Trauma

Often this is coming from a place of wanting to be better, but deeper is actually trauma. Some people who experience this trauma never find a way to overcome it through the pain, but instead turn to success in order to make the pain go away. That is not what we are here to achieve so it is a good idea to make sure this doesn’t happen when at all possible.