In the world of self-improvement, things can get dicey. When we assume that something is constantly wrong with us and we are in search of something greater and better, it is easy to not see the downside that has on our psychology. Imagine going through life focused on the fact that there is always something wrong with you in need of fixing. That is no way to live.

At times it is nice to have specific goals that you’d like to achieve and get better in. For some people, improving oneself is a simple process and one that requires less energy than one would expect. Nootropics are a great tool that allow us to not only improve ourselves in a quantifiable way, but also allow us the improve our ability to do things effectively.

Nootropics and Advanced Success

When it comes to being successful and getting things done, be careful not to overwork yourself in an effort to simply “be better”. Just because you spend 40 – 60 hours per week taking nootropics like this one does not mean that you want to be doing this for the rest of your life. You may even want to get out of the city and do something outside (like hunting) so that you can get your mind off the grind.

The truth is, if we are spending all our time on what we are doing wrong and how we need to fix ourselves, we end up feeling a lot more depressed than otherwise. It is a form of advancing our success based on the versions of success that other people have created for us rather than what we have made for ourselves.

Nootropics are a great way to improve memory, learning, and our general cognition, but it should not become a tyrant like so many people often experience. When we are constantly telling ourselves that focus and concentration and “doing more work” is better, we are really saying that we need to push ourselves beyond the limits in order to be worthwhile.

Psychology and Trauma

Often this is coming from a place of wanting to be better, but deeper is actually trauma. Some people who experience this trauma never find a way to overcome it through the pain, but instead turn to success in order to make the pain go away. That is not what we are here to achieve so it is a good idea to make sure this doesn’t happen when at all possible.