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Below are snippets of reviews of my latest novel Streets on a Map. To see the full reviews go to the Review Page.

The action just keeps coming in Streets on a Map and keeps the reader turning the pages, wondering what’s going to happen next to the characters they have come to know.

Dee White - author

Read this book with the knowledge that none of what these characters survive is unique, yet it is powerfully interesting, because it is almost as if the story is about ourselves. A wonderful, sustaining read by a masterful storyteller.

Rosanne Dingli - author

As the characters are all honest, regular, down-to-earth people, it's no stretch of the imagination for readers to see that we too, may be a source of huge blessings. It is a story of how small ripples may have more far-reaching effects in our sphere of influence than we may imagine. Beautiful reflections about relationships and the Australian lifestyle make Streets On A Map the sort of book that helps us to realize the value of what we have. I found myself refreshed with a renewed sense of optimism and contentment by the finish.

Paula Vince - author.

Dale Harcombe's Streets on a Map, is a well-written, thoroughly enjoyable book with a story line that spread out its fingers to encompass so much. Without a doubt, Streets on a Map is four-and-a-half star reading. 

Lynne Churchyard -author

Dale Harcombe has written an entertaining novel that will challenge readers to examine more closely decisions that will affect not only our own lives down over the years, but that of many others - including those we love the most.

Mary Hawkins – author

Dale Harcombe takes on us on a journey of change in her book. Streets on a Map is page turning. It is about the refusal to let circumstances overwhelm and to think outside the box.


This is another good Aussie book. In this book we see a city girl who has moved to the country and a small country town at that. Astley is a small country town where everyone knows everyone and any new comers are noticed. Abby has made friends with Laila and they end up working on a plan together.. Laila's sister also comes back to the town and this will affect Laila. The story was interesting getting to know the different characters and the different storylines. We also learn about forgiveness when something happens which many think is unforgivable.





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